portable juul battery charger

Meet your JUUL's new best friend: the BRIK Charger

October 12, 2018

Since the introduction of the JUUL vaporizer to the market, the culture of smoking has changed as more and more adults “make the switch” to a non-combustible nicotine delivery system. Though tobacco alternatives have been available for years, it wasn’t until now that a product became the overwhelming go-to, owning close to 75% of the market share.

Several of us at BRIK have since completely stopped smoking tobacco because we are now “juulers”. However, we quickly found that along with making the switch, came new difficulties we weren’t used to. The first and foremost problem we encountered was the low battery life. A dead JUUL is not only frustrating in daily life, it can lead to a situation where vapers relapse back to tobacco smokers to get their nicotine fix.

If we forgot to charge our JUULs overnight, they would often die before the end of the next day. If we found ourselves going to an event, where we may share with friends at an outdoor concert, sports game, or house party, we’d find ourselves looking for outlets to recharge with our standard USB chargers. Has anyone else been in the situation where you must relocate in a public space to stand next to a re-charging JUUL? Yeah… No longer.

More than once, we here have permanently lost our JUULs. However we found the more prevalent problem was temporarily losing a JUUL while laying in bed, sitting on a couch, or tossing it in a bag on-the-go. It’s size, though convenient and discreet, can be a logistical headache when you find yourself craving for a bit of nicotine but your delivery system is nowhere to be found.

We surfed the web, scoured amazon, ebay, JET, you name it… and visited many smoke shops looking for a portable charger that would solve our problems. However the options of charging cases on the market were very limited. They were bulky, cheaply manufactured, oddly shaped, overpriced, and simply poorly designed.

This is why we conceived of the BRIK Charger. (Note: not BRICK Charger!) The BRIK is the most necessary JUUL accessory on the market, designed and developed by “juulers” themselves. The device supports 3 full charges, the slot includes a magnetic chamber so your JUUL doesn’t fall out, and the finish is aesthetically beautiful with its sleek aluminum finish. The BRIK comes with a micro-usb cable to re-charge in less than one hour. Each device also includes a serial number in which you can register it online at our registration page for a limited-time warranty.

Fast forward to today and you can buy a BRIK online for $30 + free shipping. We are also located in stores and smoke shops in New York (NYC), Miami, Chicago, Connecticut, and we are quickly expanding. We value brand loyalty above all else and have employed a highly experienced and competent customer service team that will respond to all emails within 24 hours. Check out the store locator to find a BRIK Charger at the same cheap price we offer on our website. Please feel free to contact us with questions, inquires, or anything else that may be on your mind. BRIK has got your back!