USB JUUL Vaporizer Cable


BRIK's USB to JUUL Charger Cable measures 18 inches in length and is made of flexible fishnet material. With both USB and JUUL end connections reinforced with metal springs, this charging cable was built with quality and made to last. Upgrade the convenience of using your JUUL device with this simple and beautifully designed JUUL charger USB cord.

JUUL Cable Bundle

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BRIK & JUUL Cable Bundle

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JUUL Charger
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  • Charge your JUUL Vaporizer in 45 minutes with BRIK's USB JUUL Cable
  • Made of anodized aluminum connectors and flexible form-fitting fishnet cable
  • Magnetic Chamber to keep JUUL device secure
  • Engraved with the BRIK logo
  • Length: 18 inches

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    Convenience in a Cable

    A USB JUUL Cable optimally designed with 18 inches of flexible, form fitting fishnet material.

    01A better experience

    A better, more convenient way to charge your device at a JUUL charger price most can easily afford.

    03Built with quality

    BRIK’s JUUL USB Cord connectors are made of anodized aluminum and reinforced with metal springs to endure wear and tear.

    03Magnetic Chamber

    Say goodbye to precariously balancing your JUUL Vaporizer on a dock! A magnet built into BRIK’s USB Cable will keep your device locked in and secured.

    04Bundle Deal

    Buy two JUUL cables of your choice and get 20% off. Combine your purchase with an iPhone Power Sharing Cable perhaps!

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